School Uniform Fancy Dress – 5 Tips to Make Your Sexy School Reunion Costume Stand Out at the Party

You knew the time came. You fear the whole year the day the invitation would be sent through your door. The 10-year-old school reunion party is imminent and worse still, it will be a nice dress.

Often it is not school reunion that has a costume theme for them and the school's uniform looking dress seems to be the most popular of all. Ten years have passed since you last saw many of your girlfriends and you are determined that you should boast each of them. You are determined that your school uniform costume suit will make everyone at the party talk.

So what do you need to do to make your school uniform uniform look better than the costumes that all your old classmates are wearing and remind all the guys who are present who was the sexiest girl of the year? In one word you need accessorize. Below are my 5 best accessories to make sure that your schoolgirl costume is fixed by storm:

Buy a sexy suit

If you are fortunate enough to still fit into your original uniformed ten years on, then it is good. For the majority of you, it means that you are either looking for suitable skirts and cardboard, or going the extra mile and spending on a sexy school-shaped costume dress.

There is a myriad of different envelopes available online today that covers all budgets and ranges from flirtatious to cleanly final. My advice would be to stick to the naughty but stylish look. You want to look sexy, but remember that you are ten years older now and you have your reputation to think about.

It is definitely worth spending some money on an outfit instead of putting together a suit yourself. After all, you want to play a fantasy gun at the party and above all look good.

Wear your old school band

Try and buy a comfortable uniform that fits with your old school uniform. Weaving your original tie is a good touch and if you haven't built any of your original ones, you can of course buy one from the department stores near your school.

Spend time on your hairstyle

Of course, your hairstyle is always important, but you really should make the effort to play the sexy schoolchild and put your hair in sexy pigtails for the party. If your hair is not long enough for pigtails or if you want a total color change in the evening, you might want to consider buying a wig. It is bound to surprise the guys if their favorite brunette pops up to the party like a blonde.

Make-up is so important

You probably want more makeup than you would normally do. Remember when you were young and wanted to make yourself older, have that attitude when applying your makeup, but don't go to the top. Some freckles on the cheek or a Marilyn Monroe beauty spot can also be a nice touch to go with your sexy schoolgirl costume.

Socks and shoes

Of course, the ultimate accessory to the perfect sexy school girl outfit is socks and shoes. These often come together with your schoolgirl costume, but if they don't want you to go to white knee-high shirts and big, black shoes with a thick heel.