Thin Hair After Removal of Hair Extensions

Question: I had a hairdresser attaching hair extensions to my hair with metal bands. My hair is good, but I had a lot of it before the extensions. After the extensions were removed, my hair is really thin. Can you tell me why this happened and what I would do about it?

Answer: I'm sorry you have problems with your hair's appearance after the extensions. We often receive emails from people who have very similar problems. Even if you know you are not alone, it still makes you bad.

Anyway, I am not a professional beautician and cannot offer a professional opinion. However, I have done extensive research on hair extensions and can give you tips and advice that I have encountered in recent years. Of course, this information is used at your own risk.

There are several reasons why your hair seems to be very thin when you have removed the hair extensions.

1. Normal hair loss every day is 100-150 hair strands. When you have hair extensions attached to your regular hair, this hair still falls, but is still attached to the extension hair. This leaves less of your natural hair that keeps the extension in place. If you leave the extensions too long or if your hair is delicate, the weight of the extensions in the hair can actually pull out the natural hair along with the extensions, causing very thin hair or even permanent hair loss. Did you lose many extensions when you wore them? And how long do you have the extensions in your hair?

2. Perception – After having beautifully thick hair for a while, you get used to it. When they are gone, your hair looks super thin. Do you remember the thickness of your pony tail before attaching the hair extensions. IE was the size of a quarter.

3. Your hairdresser did not remove them properly. Most injuries occur during the removal process. Do you check out your stylist (ie call references, see before / after pictures etc.)

Solutions to get your hair back in shape.

1. Carefully treat the hair. Try not to do any chemical processing, such as perms, color, highlights.

2. Change to a thickening shampoo / conditioner. Some shampoos / conditioners I've heard (on different forums) that are good are Nioxin ones and Aveda Hair Thickening Shampoo. My husband has a problem with hair thinning and I ordered the Nioxin system for him. This makes the hair look healthier and thicker.

3. Start taking vitamins that are specific to your hair. I know that Nioxin has vitamins I've heard are okay. Your family doctor may be able to recommend vitamins to your hair and you may want to ask or examine the Internet for other vitamins.

Future hair extensions?

If you had human hair extensions, your hair might be too fragile to keep extra hair off the human hair. Perhaps you should try synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair weighs about 1/3 the weight of human hair and is much milder on your natural hair. Synthetic hair nudays look like natural hair and are less expensive than human hair extensions. Check out these methods: ,

Finally, there is a Hair Extension forum at You can browse and read posts related to people with the same problems that you have, or even create an entry yourself. There are many professionals who visit the forum and offer advice. Go to and scroll down to "hair extensions"

For more information on other hair extension methods, see our brand new site, You can read several complete chapters from our E-box number 1 on hair extensions.