45 Best Medium Length Balayage Blonde Haircuts for 2018

45 Best Medium Length Balayage Blonde Haircuts for 2018

Browse here for best variations of beautiful medium length balayage and blonde hairstyles to get most stunning hair looks in 2018. Steal from here the awesome ideas of medium and shoulder length haircuts with balayage blonde hair colors highlights to sport in 2018.

Do you spend a lot of money on the hairdresser who attracts your hair? Do you ever want you not to spend a lot of time traveling to the hairdresser? Or do you ever want that there was a natural way to get more hair that is more curly? If you do, here are some secret tips to make your hair look curly naturally!

1. Put lemon in your shampoo

To get curly locks, your hair should be under acidic conditions. This is because strong hair is when the keratin proteins that make up the hair are weaker under acidic conditions. So a simple, natural and inexpensive way to get curly lock puts concentrated lemon juice in your shampoo. This will make your hair softer and finer, and it will be much easier to get your hair more curly!

2. Stay in environments that are cold or cold

Research has shown that people living in colder climates tend to have curly locks compared to hotter climates as people tend to have more direct hair. This is because when the hair is curved, it helps the head and scalp to maintain body temperature more consistently. People who have straight hair tend to spread heat from their heads faster. So, if possible, stay or live in conditions that are usually colder.

3. Comb your hair more often with a brush

If you comb your hair as much as possible with a brush, you can get curly hair. This is because when you brush your hair, the keratin proteins in your hair are broken microscopically. If you do it often and often, it will make your hair curler. So if you want curly hair naturally, brush your hair as much as possible!