50 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles – Page 30 of 50

50 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles – Page 30 of 50

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Emo appearance is mainly characterized by the hairstyle. The Emo hairstyle is even more noticeable than the clothes. If you want an obvious Emo look, start with these guidelines.

Step 1:
Grow your hair out. You will need to take some time to grow your hair.
Let the beads grow until they reach a level just below the eyes. The hair length should go down to the shoulder and the girls can go even further.

Step 2:
Get a good cut. You can go to a salon or ask a trusted friend to cut your hair. The cutter should be laidered in long, sharp sections. You need some extra product to have the short nail look, but first you also have to cook and cut your back.

Step 3:
Cut the ends with a razor. Rakgen will cut cut and narrow edges to your hair.
Just select a few sections to shear with the razor. You can maintain your style by trimming the edges with a few rows of the razor.

Step 4:
Think of a darker color. Black hair is not necessary, but a darker color can help with the look. If you don't want to damage your blonde locks too much, you can put on some black or dark red lines for straight blond hair. You can even go for a dark shade of brown or burgundy red.

Step 5:
Straighten. If you want to be so pointed, look Emo out, be sure to straighten out some kinks, curls or waves in your hair. Apply a smooth gel and comb it to make it even.

Step 6:
Thin out of hair. If your hair is thick, you may want it thinned first. Do not try to do this at home as thinning your locks will cause problems if done incorrectly.

Step 7:
Put on some upholstery that you want. An obvious Emo look is the use of barrettes and other unique hair accessories. Look for dark colored or unusual barrettes when shopping. Then put them in a random pattern in your hair to create a pointy style.

A true Emo look needs the right hair. Get the look you want with these tips.