50 Tane Popüler Ombre Saç Modelleri (31)

50 Tane Popüler Ombre Saç Modelleri (31)

Short Ombre Hairstyles – 50 Tane Popüler Ombre Saç Modelleri (31) | SadeKadınlar – Güzellik Sırları – SadeKadınlar – Güzellik Sırları

Updating your hairstyle with the latest new look is easy with woven hairstyles. Weave hairstyles are great because they are versatile, stylish and at the same time low maintenance makes them the perfect accessory without the "ouch" factor. This hairstyle works by adding hair extensions or intake to a person's natural hair to add volume or even change her hairstyle.

Types of hair used

There are five different kinds of hair used with the hair extension - Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Eurasian and Peruvian. Brazilian hair structure is usually coarse, thick and full which makes it perfect for African American women. Indian hair weaves on the other hand are thicker in the form of texture. A virgin Indian hair is quite expensive because it is untreated and as such has its own natural shine. Malaysian hair is known for its soft and fine texture. It is easy to handle and soft to touch. The Eurasian type, on the other hand, comes from the hair of people with European or Asian descent. This type is also very thick but soft and silky.


One of the safest techniques is the Malaysian Sew-In method. This method adds to the hair without using braids or glue to damage the scalp or result in hair loss. This technique is perfect for women who have short hair locks of up to one inch in length. The method lasts for about one month to two months with proper care.

For women who want to add volume to their hair or to cover bald surfaces or thinning, the traditional sewing and mesh fabric is the best option. A thin net is used as the basis for the extensions, where each extension is attached to the net instead of the natural hair. This results in extra stress being applied to the existing natural hair. With proper maintenance, this would last up to two months.

For those who are interested in a cheaper alternative to traditional weaving, the fast weaving technique is available. During the weaving, binder binders are used to attach the hair to the natural hair. A liquid sealant is used to protect the head from the adhesive that can be washed away after shampooing.

For ladies who want their extensions to last for more than a few months, the microlink fusion technology is ideal. In this procedure, the hair extensions are attached to the natural hair via hot glue. A copper tube is also used to attach the extensions to the root hair. Although this would last for more than a couple of months, it is important to look for a professional to do this technique, because one can accidentally burn by handling the hot glue.