Beautiful hairstyle ideas To Inspire You

Beautiful hairstyle ideas To Inspire You

This hairstyle is so amazingly elegant and modern! Yet timeless and classic!

Female hair loss affects about twenty-five percent of women. There are 1 in 5 women suffering from scalding hair. But news media and cosmetic conglomerates are quite silent on the issue of female hair loss. The advertising campaigns aimed at the female population are about keeping the long, floating hair beautiful. Their is a very limited number of ads on TV that treat female hair loss because it is not considered beautiful.

Why do I go bald

Men and women share a common cause of hair loss. The condition is called androgenetic alopecia. The conditions are hereditary and possibly communicated from generation to generation. There are other possible causes that include thyroid problems, pregnancy or other medical conditions that interfered with the balance of the hormones in the body.

Donating hard hairstyles that pull the hair can cause hair loss. These hairstyles cut off the blood flow to the hair follicles and cause the hairline to recede. There are some drugs that can cause hair loss. Diuretics, anti-depressants and cancer chemotherapy agents can cause temporary hair loss. If you are diabetic and consume medicine for this, it is also known to cause female hair loss. You may have an unknown medical condition that may be the cause of female hair loss.

You can't panic when you notice the first signs of thinning hair. But you bought to take steps to prevent more thinning of your hair. First of all, check what causes hair loss, is it a new diet or some pills you've started to take, perhaps you've changed your shampoo. The answer can be as easy as changing prescriptions or hairstyles. Once you have found the cause of hair loss than the treatment for female hair loss becomes more effective.

Treatments for hair removal

If androgenetic alopecia is the cause of your female hair loss than the treatment is available to it. One of these treatments increases blood flow to your hair follicles and is known as minoxidil (Rogaine). This is not a miracle cure but promises hope for women with a hair loss condition. The same male hormone testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are the cause of the thin hair. The problem here is that the androgens responsible for hair growth are blocked.

Minoxidil's intention is to resume your hair growth process. This is one of the most popular drugs for male baldness. But Minoxidil (Rogaine) can be used by females. It costs you no more than $ 50 a month. This product has been widely used by women for female hair loss and has been shown to slow down and, in some cases, even restore hair loss.

The female hair loss pattern is completely different from that of men. Unlike men who have a diminishing hairline, women usually get scalding hair over their heads. If the hair melts in stains, the condition can be stimulated by an autoimmune disease that increases hair follicles. A dermatologist can treat alopecia areata with a simple anti-inflammatory drug.

The first step in dealing with female hair loss is to determine what induces it. Once you have determined the potential cause of female hair loss than do a time with your doctor or dermatologist to get a cure