Coiffure tendance femme: 24 idées époustouflantes à essayer cet hiver

Coiffure tendance femme: 24 idées époustouflantes à essayer cet hiver

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Your guide to dating and finding love for the second time.

If you think it is impossible to meet someone when you are over 50, think again. Remember, you are not the only 50 thing out there, in fact, thousands are just like you! Marriage over, children grow up it's the perfect time to come out and start having fun. So dust yourself and prepare for our first date tips for a smooth sailing first date.

Your first date - your phone call.

Everything begins with the conversation. Yes it is right, remember when your date calls you to arrange your meeting place to be positive, positive and get some suggestions just if they are stuck for ideas. Never mention your ex, take off your legal hat, never jump on the gun and make assumptions about the phone call, because your date is more than extremely extremely nervous. Have any questions to ask your date ready to keep the conversation afloat, hold the clock's length short.

Your first date meeting face to face.

Meeting face to face is fun, OK so the nerves will probably be in the top, but this is your chance to shine. To get an exciting evening out, come out of the house and try a new kitchen. I always recommend a first date at a nice restaurant, dinner works best, try a wine bar, do some research and discover a new place together. Be positive about everything, even if the food is not as big as you imagine, serving small or restaurant a bit noisy, looking at the bright side of things, believing me you will benefit from this in the end as you will be shown incredibly fresh to your date.

What to wear on your first date.

What you wear is really important on your first date, the old saying goes first! Dress your old clothes and look as if you haven't made any effort. Wear clothes that flatter your body shape, invest in some new clothes, get advice from a nice friend, a professional stylist or shop assistant. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to get there and get a new hairstyle, try a new color or for the ladies a little new makeup. Smells good! Clean hair, fresh scent.

Smile be kind, ask questions about your date, take a real interest in them. Whether you can see yourself with them, just enjoy the night with them, be warm friendly and kind.

The best thing you can do is laugh a lot, treat them like an old friend and embrace the fact that you both have the courage to get back into the dating scene. You can fall in love with each other over time you may not, one thing is for sure you will have a story to tell!