Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Glasses

Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Glasses

If you want to turn back the clock, find a chic hairstyle that will help reverse the aging process. In fact, the best hairstyle lengths for women who want to look younger rest anywhere between the chin and the collarbone, suggests the editors at Good Housekeeping. For women over 50 who wear glasses, the ideal … Continue reading Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Glasses →

If you want to look like you've been taken out from the 70's fashion magazines, grow your hair naturally. The natural look is one of the most popular beauty developments in this decade, especially when it comes to hairstyles.

Later, all his hair allows to grow to enjoy a full afro. Others with long and straight hair keep it naturally straight. Another type of hair style is the wind-swept look. In fact, some hair styles that flourished in the 70's are still popular today, such as straight hair; which many women love to keep.

Here are some of the popular 70 hairstyle trends and come as tips on how to enjoy them today:

1. Afro Look

Previously, people with African roots proudly displayed their heritage by filtering large aphrodisiac. The style was a big hit in the 1970s because of its natural appearance. People with extremely curly hair just need to let them grow and they will enjoy a beautiful and proud Afro do.

You can try to improve the natural kink of your Afro hair by refining it with a pick. You have to pull through the hair with the pick and fluff your Afro hairdresser to get up and flame while making sure the natural kink is in place.

2. Shag

This is the haircut popularized by the Farrah crane in the 70's. The style is very simple - all you have to do is have your hair stored on the tips to achieve it. Women today with any length of hair can track this hairstyle.

Styling your hair in shag is easy by making some simple layers. Just make sure you don't overdo it because the "chaotic look" can go out of hand. And because your hair should look like it is wind-blown, you rarely need to comb your hair.

3. Natural Look

Natural hair style was also a hit in the 70's. Later, everyone decided to let her shave her hair down. But those with wavy locks had more problems making them straight, since the only time was a straightener. Today it is easier to get a straight natural look, what with the many available straightening options offered by hairdressers.

4. The boy's hairstyle

Finally, one of the most popular beauty trends from the 1970s when it comes to hairstyle, the look of the page, which is a basic short or medium hair with bang and hangs up to the ear area. The side boy's appearance has striking resemblance to the Egyptian look.

Side-hairy hairstyle, which is now becoming popular again among young people, can be achieved by cutting the front hair to form bangs. Get the right length at the back by getting a quick haircut at the salon.