Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih e…

Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih e…

Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih edilen saç modelleri arasında yer alıyor. Bu tarz saç modellerini kullanan bayanlar

SHR technology is the latest technology for permanent hair removal. Because it is relatively new in the market, many potential customers ask questions about the innovative method. How is the process of a SHR treatment? Is it painless? What should I do? These questions and more will be answered below. However, it is recommended to take personal information from a dermatologist or aesthetist in your environment.

What does the term "SHR" mean? It stands for "Super Hair Removal". The developers took the name because it is the most effective method to remove unwanted hair until now. Although it is comparable to laser hair removal or the IPL method, you will notice significant differences in employment.

Super hair removal is considered a painless hair removal method

This type of pulsed light treatment is absolutely painless. Only with very hairy body parts you may feel the pulses of light and some heat. Having known the little unpleasant knitting, the usual retail after treatment with the IPL or laser treatment method is usually not given. Like other laser hair removal methods, a thin layer of contact gel is also applied in this case, which is to cool the treated area. Of course, this also contributes to the above-mentioned pain. The SHR method is compatible with all parts of your body, except the immediate surroundings of the eyes.

Each hair and skin type is suitable with the SHR treatment

Other than laser and the IPL method, you will have the advantage that skin and hair color will not play an important role. While previous methods were with a light surface and dark hair, the condition for successful treatment means that it must be met for the SHR method no specific skin type. Of course, light skin and dark hair still offer good treatment, but in the SHR technique not only melanin attacks, but also the stem cell protein. For this reason, it should not be difficult to treat people with dark skin and light, fine hair.

Of course, there are some points that they should do before and after the treatment. First, do not expose your skin to strong UV light for at least two days before treatment. Solarium or aggressive sunlight should be taboo, so painless, successful hair removal can be guaranteed. After treatment, you should avoid sun or solarium, as the skin is very sensitive after the SHR procedure (as after other hair removal processes). In addition, your body is not affected so you can perform your regular tasks safely. If you are still in the sun, choose a sunscreen with a high sun factor.

Undesirable side effects can easily be avoided

As you can see, it is in the SHR method compared to other hair removal methods that are considered rather uncertain, as the process is so pleasant and straightforward. However, you should consult your dermatologist in any case seriously so that there would be no side effects and you can determine everything for the most effective result, for a long-term, giant, beautiful skin.