Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih e…

Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih e…

Kıvırcık kısa saç modelleri 2017 yılında da bayanlar tarafından tercih edilen saç modelleri arasında yer alıyor. Bu tarz saç modellerini kullanan bayanlar

It is no secret that there is much misleading beauty advice out there. So where should you turn to the latest styles, trends and advice? A good place to start is with a leading, reputable hairstyle magazine or black hair magazine.

When choosing one of the leading hairstyles magazines or the black hair magazines over other publications, you get access to the latest trends and insider secrets in the beauty industry. No longer do you have to wait until a trend becomes popular and dozens of people carry it before you touch. By subscribing to a hair magazine, you can keep track of the incoming styles and get them before someone else.

So which magazine should you buy? Here are reviews of five of the leading hair care magazines that will help you in your decision (and details on how to get them at discounted prices):

* American Salon. American Salon is the leading hair magazine among professionals. Inside the pages of this magazine are insider trading secrets, trends and techniques that have just been introduced by top-of-the-line beauty professors. Here you can learn about the latest innovative products and beauty treatments, the newest cutting and color trends and other skills at the same time as the professionals do. While this magazine is great for keeping you informed of everything happening in the beauty industry, choosing the next haircut is not ideal. Filled with industry jargon and quick articles, most of the information in this magazine would not be fully appreciated by a non-professional.

* Celebrity hairstyles. If you're looking for all the hot styles worn in Hollywood, Celebrity Hairstyles can only be the hairstyle magazine to get everything for you. Ever wonder how Hilary Duff and Faith Hill got the soft tousled locks? No more wondering. Not only is this hairstyle magazine full of color photos of the latest celebrity styles, it also has technical how-information that you can take with you to the salon.

* Hype Hair. When it comes to finding a leading black hair magazine, there's nothing better than Hype Hair. Called "the style handbook for today's black woman", Hype Hair presents current innovative hairstyles, interviews, competitions and funky fresh hairstyles. From the sleek and calm to the funky and corn radish, there is a style for everyone in this black hair magazine.

* Modern Salon. This hairstyle magazine is similar to the American salon, as it only targets professionals. With the latest trends and interviews with top professionals, Modern Salon takes a fresh and modern look on the beauty industry of its own, including nails, makeup, hair, color, skin care.

* Short hairstyles. This is actually the magazine that I have seen into the salon most often by customers. The pages with short hair styles are filled with color photos of the latest color and cut styles. Here you can find a cut for any texture of hair and ethnicity. From the textured tip to the soft curly, there is really a short style for everyone in this magazine.

In addition to these hairstyles, there are several women's newspapers that offer good hair care consultants. Vogue, Glamor and First are just a selection of the many magazines that contain deep-haired articles and advice from the best hair care professionals. For many, these newspapers are the best way to follow current trends and style ideas.

These are just some of the many hairstyles magazines and black hair magazines available, but they are at the top of the line. Whether you are a professional or someone who is just looking for a cool new style, you can't go wrong with hairstyle magazines. And finally, the best news is that you can get most of them at very discounted rates. For more information check out my website