Recreate Lauren Conrad's long flowy ombre locks with the 16″ Ombre Extension…

Recreate Lauren Conrad's long flowy ombre locks with the 16″ Ombre Extension…

Recreate Lauren Conrad's long flowy ombre locks with the 16″ Ombre Extension by hairdo.

Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman; Therefore, as a lady, you should take care of it. If you have black or blond hair and you are wondering which are the best styles for you, here are some of them:


This is a style that involves coloring everyone, but one or a few selected parts of your hair. The selected areas (bits) are then stained with a different color. For example, if your hair is blond, you can choose a piece in the middle or on the sides of your head and color it black.

When you do this style, be careful not to make it work properly and professionally to avoid having a weird look.

Short nail

Here you should cut your hair in two or three inches above your head. You should then decide how you want to dye your hair: you can color it blond or black on the top. You should note that different dyes have different results. For example, staining of blonde will make the girls stand out more; But when you color black, the style becomes more bowl.

Once you have separated the hair at the top, you should apply a color under the line and then apply the other color to the top. After doing this you should set the hair so that the bottom color is combed down or back from the face. For the style to stand out, apply hair gel to the hair.

The good side of this style is that it is simple and at the same time very elegant. The biggest drawback of the style is that it takes time to achieve the look you want.

Bi-colored Bob

A short or medium bob gives you a number of options on what you can do with your hair. Here you should color the top layer of your hair with one color and then apply another color below. If you don't mind it, you can choose to dye the bulk of the hair black and then bleach the diaper to the blonde.

If you want an extreme look, you should replace two inch hair profiles on the front and move to the back.

Although the style is simple and stylish, be careful when wearing it. This is especially important when working in a conservative environment. For ideal results you should always consult an expert before getting the style.