Scrunchie Hairstyles

Scrunchie Hairstyles

Scrunchie Hairstyles

Maharashtra is a country of different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Marriage is a religious sacred ceremony for people of all cultures. In Maharashtra there are mainly several religions in the state and each one follows certain similar traditions when they marry. Indian brides clothes and deck up for D-day in finest traditional wear and style. Each culture follows its own custom trends.

Let's take a look at the fascinating hairstyles that can be adorned for the Maharashtrian wedding. The hairstyles that a marathi bride can choose can vary from traditional to mother, in tangent to the environment in which the bride will marry.

The classic traditional bun

It is one of the hairstyles that has gone down from the generations and is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles of the Marathi culture in Maharashtra. It is mostly used by brides after a traditional wedding. In the modern days, this bun has been adapted according to today's marble. The peasant is mostly loved by the female people because of its ability to hold back a large number of accessories that can effectively contribute to the overall appearance of the bride.

Braids !! Braids !! Beauty looks

The traditional Maharashtrian wedding may include a bride's hairstyle in a single braid. In modern times, these braids have simply been adapted to maintain the traditional look combined with the emerging trends. Braids go well with the simplest of the traditional bridal clothing. The braids keep the accessories good, especially on braids that are thick.

Messy Buns

This is an ideal hairstyle for Marathi brides with curly hair. Messy buns help the Maharashtrian bride get a beautifully modernized look by choosing this hairstyle. You can become adventurous by using an accessory or two over the messy buns.

Open curls and waves for a wavy hair look

The open curls and waves are the most popular hairstyle in the present times that have served many Marathi brides. The open waves are for all Maharashtrian brides who have natural curly hair or straight hair. For the brides with straight hair completing the hairstyle with waves fills the entire hairstyle's complete look. Add an air of elegance to your full traditional look with this hairstyle.

High buns

Maharashtrian weddings are already well-associated with bottom hairstyles and thus from this traditional Maharashtrian hairstyles The modern abbreviation of the high bun hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with most of the traditional bridal dresses Marathi brides as the veil covers most of the hair and the high bullet makes your hair look openly.

The plated braids / bunks and hair ornaments are the perfect way for the Maharashtri brides to achieve a more modern but traditional look at weddings and add a dazzling look and charm to your wedding look.