Women Hair Color Purple Curls

Women Hair Color Purple Curls

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Lace front wigs are the secret of many celebrities & # 39; fantastic hair styles. Available in various textures, colors, lengths and styles, front-beaded wigs and full-beaded women allow women to have the hairstyle that meets their needs and lifestyle.

Aside from offering women with stylish hair, another advantage of using lace or lace hair is that they have invisible hairlines. They provide the most natural hairline among all available options and make a person look amazing.

Another good thing about lace wigs is that you can apply the wig yourself without the help of professionals. Just train the right way to apply your tip front pary and have nice hair every time you want!

If you have bought a new lace front wig and still do not know how to apply it, continue reading to find out how.

There are two ways to apply your tip front: with double-sided tape and with liquid glue to keep the wig in place. Some retailers sell glue along with the tip tip, so you should have no problem choosing which one will work well with the wig. If no glue is sold with the front wig of the tip, then choose one of the two glue, but make sure that the product you choose is specially designed for this purpose.

When using liquid glue, first place the tip tip on the top of your head. Button the pearl hair forward so that you do not get stuck on the forehead. Apply a very thin layer of glue to a small part of the tip front. Make sure you also get your real hair out of the way. You can choose to cut the baby's hair or keep it out of the wig. It depends on the look you are going to wear. Press down on the front wig of the tip on the part where you applied the glue. With a good glue it should only take about 5 seconds to push it down. After that part of the tip front wig is fixed in place, proceed to the next section. To make the application easier, apply the glue to an inch of hair each time until you have applied glue and pressed on wig from edge to edge.

When using a double-sided tape, cut the tape into 3-inch strips. The tape should be about 3.8 inches wide. Take the first strip and place it on the patch area where the tip front connects to it. Make sure you attach the strap to the front hairline at the edge of the tip. Place the other strips on the edge of the tip until you have laid the ribbons on the entire front side of the wig from edge to edge. Make sure there are no spaces between the bands. This should help keep the pears in place and also provide a natural hairline.