Custom Framing Projects for Kids

Children always produce artworks, but there is not always open space on the refrigerator. Here are some custom ideas that open up new spaces for art in the home. With these DIY projects, the creation of the image space can contain its own possibilities for artistic expression. Add a weekend for one of these projects, and get the most out of quality time together.

Sea shell from Sea Shore

When families take a vacation to the beach, they often come home with buckets of collected shells. A custom framing project can make the perfect place to display chalk drawings or photographs from your holiday. First, make the frame yourself out of wood. If you shop for one that is already mounted, look for a simple, flat and wide surface. There must be plenty of surface area around all sides to attach the shell. Secondly, the front and sides should be painted, preferably a strandy color such as sand brown or sky blue. Must be glued to the surface after the paint has dried. Finally, secure a tab or other hanging unit on the back.

Magnetic Fridge Frames

Children appreciate having space in the refrigerator, but they also want to pay attention and acknowledge that their art is being recognized. Rather than encouraging a refrigerator completely covered in a lush artwork of artwork, consider making it a special place for three or four pieces at a time. A magnetic frame can be used to draw attention to the new work. Attach two strong magnets to the back of a light, traditional frame and show your children's masterpieces with pride.

Corkboard Displays

For children whose past works are quickly overshadowed by new masterpieces, you can attach custom frames around a rectangle of uncut cork board. The artist can make the latest exhibition in place, even before the brands are completely discharged. This type of space can also be used to store grocery stores, receipts and other important papers.

Decorate used frames

For the youngest children, art projects often consist of simply applying glue and painting randomly (under adult supervision). By collecting some frames from thrift stores or garage sales, you have a starting point for a unique artistic project. Deliver the glue, the glitter and the painters, and your child can make an everyday frame really eye-catching. Depending on the results, you can even take one or two of the frames to work for use with family photos. Back at home, your child has twice as high to show his artwork surrounded by his own frame.

Any kind of display method, any of these ideas can increase the child's confidence by confirming that their artwork is attracted. When your child puts a new job on the display, even if you are too busy offering praise at the moment, they can remember the time you spent with scissors and pasting months. Long after the children moved past their crayons days, a weekend project can serve as reminders and memories in itself.