Trendy Painting Bob Ross Landscape Ideas

Trendy Painting Bob Ross Landscape Ideas

Trendy Painting Bob Ross Landscape Ideas

The four applications for paint marks in windshield marking are:

  1. Temporary marking in the repair industry
  2. Temporary marking in the retail industry
  3. Permanent marking in towing industry
  4. Permanent marking in auto auction and transport industries
Temporary Marking In Auto Body Repair

Collision shops mark windshields and body panels with water based marks that are rain resistant, yet removable with mild cleaners such as window cleaners. The marks for this application are formulated with water based acrylic paint similar to the paint found in poster markers. Tip sizes range from 2.3 mm to 8 mm. The most poplular products have a size of 8 mm, which allows users to use one for a variety of widths. The most popular colors are orange, pink, green, and yellow. Popular brands include Posca and Autowriter.

Temporary Marking for Automotive Retail

Markers for retail windshield marking are similar to those used in the repair industry but are much wider, up to 30 mm in width. Tips for taking minutes to prime but once primed are ready to use almost instantly. Markers cost savings versus vinyl letters allow users to personalize messages rather than use boiler plate messages. Poplular brands in this area are Posca and Artline.

Permanent Marking in Tow Services

Wrecker services have some unique requirements such as marking in wet and cold conditions. The marker of choice is solid paint marks that write in cold, wet conditions. Markers must also be permanent because cars can be stored for several years. Solid paint markers are easily removed with razor blades. Popular brands in this category are Sakura and Markal.

Permanent Marking in Auto Auction and Transportation

Similar to wrecker services, auto auction sites must use permanent marks that can be easily removed with razor blade scrapping. Some site prefers solid paint marks such as Sakura solid paint or Sanford Mean Streak and some preferable tip marks. Sites in cold areas must be written on broken glass and prefer "hot formula" marks such as Auction Pro, others in hotter climates are able to purchase general purpose fields tip marks in bulk quantities as low as $ 1.10 each. Top marks in this category are Dykem Brite Mark and Auction Pro.