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Photography is the exercise, the science and the art of creating stills by capturing light using an image sensor. It can also be done chemically using an electronic film that is a photosensitive material.

Lenses are those used to focus light emitted from real objects on the photosensitive surface inside a camera. The result of photographic emulsion is an invisible latent image that has been chemically developed into a visible image. The image may be negative or positive depending on the purpose of the image.

Light painting paints with light and gives wonderful and perfect results compared to normal cameras. Light painting is also called light graffiti or drawing. Light painting is a technique that is not widely used in photography and many are looking for a good light painting tutorial. Mostly it is used by experts. Several people think that this is a new thing in the photography market, but the truth is that it started 100 years ago. It is a method used at night or in the dark to create a perfect image. Light painting gives a dramatic shot compared to normal photography.

There are several types of light painting. These include moving a light around during a long exposure, painting with a flash, one can also use a diffuse light source. The image created can be decorated and made beautiful with the help of colored gels and filters placed along the light source.

Lighting painting is achieved by the following: a long exposure camera or with a light bulb must be present. The best camera to use is the one that provides 10-30 second long exposures. DSLR is best because all types can be used to perform the task. The most important branches in the light measurement exercise are the lamps and the LED lights. Excellent jobs are achieved in a dark room or at night. If the room is not dark, it can be achieved by covering the lens to avoid more light in the frame. To achieve the recommended darkness, avoid focusing the light on the lens, but instead concentrate the light on the camera. To avoid your image being reflected in the playoffs, you must have something dark.

A LIGHT ORB is a tool used in the light painting tutorial. As discussed, the light is the basic tool in light graffiti. In order to create an image with an orb, the following steps must be transported out to get a dramatic picture. Select a point on the ground and make sure you spin the light and keep the same diameter. You should make sure that light reaches the ground on the ground by moving in a circle. To achieve the very best you should move your body in the camera and go outside the shot. The lights should be on and make sure they are hiding from the lens. When you want to turn off the lights, a switch should be used.

For a perfect picture, the lights should be the spine in the dark and make sure they turn in circles. Light painting is not easy, it requires concentration.