10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas

10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas

Every college girl wants a cute dorm room; but some Etsy items can go for over $100 and not everyone can afford that, nor would they want to spend that much money, especially when they could spend it on cute new clothes. Here is a list of 10 must have DIY…

If you have an old but good quality cabinet and your problem is how to make it glow and look neat again, you have to do another trick about reminding it and unfortunately you will be surprised at the great transformation you made of it.

The advantage of having your kitchen refurbished again is that it gives your home another glow, a beautiful sight to make a boring corner, but not necessarily having to spend a large sum to buy a new set of new cabinets. So why not do a repainting job now. Many highly qualified painters can make your kitchen or bathroom cabinet look like brand new in just a few hours of work. With the right preparation they can make a good magic so that the old cabinets seem like they have been delivered from new packages. With good quality work, no visible signs of scratches, marks or villages are made that make it look immaculate again. In addition, the cabinet hardware can be changed to get a new modern look on your cabinets. If your problem will be color choice, there are professional color consultants or designers who can help you. They help you determine the right color combinations for your old cabinets. Whether it is wood, metal or laminate cabinets, there is a wide range of color colors available now and are practical for your perfect needs.

If you are planning a do it yourself job, here are the necessary things that you should have:

1. Screwdriver / drilling

2. Sandpaper, fine and medium

3. De-gloss / floating sandpaper

4. Caulk, wood putty, wood filler

5. Oil-based primer

6. Oil-based paint

7. Roller 1/4 "-3/8"

8. Oil, brushes

9. Thinner color

10. Tape

Here are also the simple guides on how to refinish your cabinets for color: ยท

First remove all doors and hardware. Check your hardware wherever you are to replace or keep the existing one. All surfaces must be sanded very well with suitable wallpaper, after which you dust and sweep these areas. All cabinets must be washed with suitable cleaning and unloading. Time to choose the color you want. Before painting, all cabinets must be applied with an odorless oil-based stain blocking primer. Apply putty, wood filling, sand and caulk where needed. Apply an oil blend paint in satin or semi-gloss. Hold 2-3 coatings that sand between each color. It is time to change doors and hardware. It is only very important to prepare the cabinets properly before you start painting. The cabinets must be cleaned very well and make small rough edges on the surface so that the paint will stick. Oil-based primers are better because they have superior glue quality. It is also very important to apply the paint as soon as the oil primer has already been emptied. You can consider applying non-yellowish clear polyurethane to the painted surfaces when they have served for extra protection. You can also consider adding small wooden moldings to your cupboard doors and drawers and decorative crown molds on top for a brand new dramatic look for your newly renovated cabinets.