A little process video of the texture painting

A little process video of the texture painting

Texture medium (or gel or paste) is, as the name implies, a material that you mix with color to change its texture, especially to add surface texture to a painting. It is stiffer than painting straight from the tube, so it will hold a shape or shape easier. It’s also cheaper than paint, so adding a texture medium is an economical way to build thick layers of impasto. You can mix it with a paint or add a layer of the gel and paint over it.

A textured gel bathtub has the consistency of cooking: When you scoop out a lump with a palette knife, the medium holds its shape. It does not drop or drop but stops. You can create tops and grooves with a palette knife, brush marks with a coarse hair brush, print patterns into it, use it as glue to add collage items. It is extremely versatile.

Texture media is available in white and clear, so if you prefer, pay attention to the label.

By the way, the word medium can also mean the type of paint, such as acrylic or watercolor.

There are several techniques or styles to make an illustration. Each of these techniques has its distinctive process and media specifically used to create the artwork. The graphics must therefore familiarize themselves well with a particular technology before they are adopted and use it for the production of a graphic design product. Examples of some of the techniques in the illustration are:

1. Pencil and wash - This illustration technique meant the drawing of the sketches in the illustration in pencil. Ink is used to cross the drawn lines in the pencil. When dried, a small amount of ink is diluted with water in a lighter tone. Brush is used to apply the color to the darker areas of the drawing. The painted areas are washed to create different tones to bring out the shapes for the artwork. The outlines are made stronger by using pen lines. It is used for catalogs, village and market scenes, fashion design magazines, book covers etc.

2. Pencil and ink - This is the use of pen and ink to draw the sketches in the drawing and use any of the shading methods to bring out the forms in the drawing. It is used for illustrations in books, newspapers and magazines.

3. Flat color painting - In this technique, the colors are flat without gradual tinting. The edges of the parts of the painted drawings are sharp and distinct and set the difference in the different parts of the drawing. It is used for illustrations in story books, road signs, greeting cards etc.

4. Realistic painting - This is the drawing of objects to show good details that they actually occur in nature. It is used for advertising, fashion magazines and illustrations in books.

5. Silhouette - This is the creation of the outlines of a drawing in the pencil and filling the inner part evenly with black color or ink. Siluette drawings do not show details only the outlines that define the objects are displayed. They are used for road signs, packaging symbols, illustrations in fashion magazines etc.

6. Cartooning- This is the creation of humorous or satirical figures with exaggerated forms. This illustration technique is used to illustrate children's books, newspapers, magazines etc.

7. Photography - This is taking pictures of real objects and scenes using a camera. It gives the exact similarity between objects and scenes. Photographs are used for posters, magazines, newspapers etc.